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Creating a trust can mean your loved ones will not have to go through probate when you die. There are many advantages to creating a trust. You can keep your wishes about how you will be distributing your assets a private matter. You can control who your beneficiary of a specific asset will be.

A trust can be set up to provide for your needs while you are alive if you suddenly become incapacitated and can no longer speak for yourself. You can protect your assets from being used for purposes that you do not agree with.

A special needs trust is different. It can be a vital tool to ensure your assets are protected in the case you need Medicaid to cover your care in a nursing home in the future. It can be used to protect reduction of your VA benefits with a VA asset protection trust.

A special needs trust can also be an essential part of your estate plan to make sure your disabled loved one continues getting the care they need. It can also be set up to safeguard loved one's ability to continue qualifying for government benefits with a third-party supplemental needs trust or (d)(4)(A) trust.

A Special Needs Trust Can Serve Many Purposes

Considerations for long-term care are a vital part of estate planning when your child or grandchild has a physical disability, emotional issues, mental impairment or other special needs. They may need to collect Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Medicaid, but could be disqualified if they are set to inherit a lump sum of money or property. A special needs trust will be instrumental in protecting their ability to continue receiving public benefits.

Our knowledgeable lawyers can help you with an estate plan that establishes the right special needs trust for your family's needs.

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