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When Is It A Good Idea To Get A Guardianship For An Elderly Loved One?

| Sep 24, 2020 | Elder Law, Guardianships

Watching a loved one get older can come with many hardships. When an elderly person starts to lose some of their physical and mental capacities and/or becomes unable to properly care for themselves, it may be time to step in and help. But how can you do this? If your loved one does not have an estate plan established that outlines these care instructions, you may need to think about instating a guardianship.

What Is A Guardianship?

A legal guardianship allows another person to make decisions for the person in question. It can also allow them to handle self-care for this person. A guardianship is necessary because without one, you will not have legal authority to make health care or financial decisions. In most cases, a judge will determine what is in the best interest of the person in question and decide if the guardianship fits these requirements.

What Does A Guardianship Do?

There are several factors that may indicate your loved one needs a guardianship. This type of appointment can help keep this person safe physically, financially and mentally. A guardianship will allow you to make both medical and financial decisions that can include opting for necessary treatment and protecting the individual from financial scams. It protects the individual and puts responsibility on you to ensure they are properly provided for and cared for. Guardianships can also protect a person’s assets and legacy as well as protect others from harm. Many people choose to instate a guardianship for loved ones with disabilities or mental incapacities such as Alzheimer’s or dementia.

This process can be complicated, but an experienced, qualified elder law attorney can help walk you through the process and ensure your loved ones are safe and protected.