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Elder Law Is Not Just For Old Folks

As more Americans live longer, the importance for legal representation and help within the scope of elder law is vital. Elder law is not just about folks over the age of 65 getting legal services for long-term care needs. Some may live long and healthy lives, while others are challenged with physical and mental capacities.

Elder law encompasses a wide range of legal services and advocacy for individuals and families of all ages. Some people may be caring for their aging parents, for instance. Older citizens without family support may need help. Younger disabled folks may also need services, such as a guardianship, traditionally related to elder care.

When Is It Time To Keep The Car Keys From Our Grandfather?

Self-governance and independence can be major issues for an aging population. Taking the car keys away from a perfectly sound and agile 70-year-old may violate his or her right to live as they choose. However, in some situations, taking the keys away from your loved one may prove instrumental in saving the life of them and others on the road.

At Donna J. Jackson & Associates, PLLC, our team of lawyers is well-versed in providing elder law solutions. We can help you with:

At our elder law practice, everything from simple questions to complex matters of financial exploitation by a caregiver or a family member are within our scope.

We Can Help You Resolve Elder Law Matters With Confidence

We are committed to protecting elderly and disabled people throughout Oklahoma. Our founding attorney, Donna J. Jackson, was instrumental in bringing the first chapter of the National Association of Elder Law Attorneys (NAELA) to this state. Our team proudly continues active involvement in NAELA.

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