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Understanding Guardianships

If your loved one did not establish an estate plan and is now unable to care for himself or herself, you may not be able to handle their affairs for them without a legal guardianship over their person. When their physician makes a determination that your loved one is no longer capable of making decisions or handling self-care, the court may grant a guardianship so you will have the legal authority to care for your adult loved one.

When it is necessary or convenient, a guardianship may be appointed over a minor or an adult and over the person or the person’s property. A judge will determine what is in the best interest of the individual potentially needing the guardianship over himself or herself. There are several reasons why one might need a guardianship, including enrolling a minor into school or day care or allowing the guardian to obtain medical treatment for a loved one who suffers unexpected disabilities.

When Should I Get A Guardianship Lawyer To Help Me?

If your loved one is suffering from mental incapacity due to Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, it may be time to get a guardianship to help them. If your minor child received a lump-sum payment from a personal injury claim or inheritance, a guardianship over their property may be in order.

Is your disabled child turning 19 soon? Parents lose the legal right to make decisions for their disabled children after they become adults. A guardianship will ensure your ability to continue helping them with the medical and personal care they need.

The petition to obtain guardianship should be filed in the county court where either the potential ward lives or where the proposed guardian lives. Guardianships can be temporary or long term. We all want what is in the best interest of the potential ward — who can be an adult or minor — needing the guardianship. Please contact us today to schedule an appointment to discuss the matter further.

We can also help you with the complex process of transferring an existing out-of-state guardianship to Oklahoma courts.

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